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Leek and mushroom soup

Leeks and onions go together...

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  • Spinach

    Spinach is one of those crops we should be all using in the garden. It is a really useful plant both in salads and as a vegetable, and ...

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  • Healthy soil

    People who dig their plots say that it is because the process aerates, provides drainage, allows weeds to be removed easily and produces a crumbly texture for seeds ...

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  • An hour in the garden 7

    Listen to “Hour in the garden 7” on Spreaker. This week we look at wellies! Hardwood cuttings, digging out ferns and miscanthus, working on hedges, pruning hebe and ...

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  • Rhubarb Wine

    Rhubarb Wine is one of the early summer wines that we overlook because we are too busy eating rhubarb crumble! You can add a number of extra flavours ...

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  • Broad beans

    Broad beans are brilliant to grow, easy and largely trouble free. The only problem you tend to get is blackfly, usually in early summer.

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